Monday, February 15, 2010

Constitutional Law 101 Lecture 5 Now Available For Download


An Internet Course

Presented By Professor Henry Mark Holzer

Hank Holzer delivered his live Lecture 5 on Sunday, February 14, 2010. This is its content:

5. The Judiciary And Its Powers

The source, nature, and scope of judicial power, as provided in the Constitution and federal statutes.

Limitations, if any, on judicial power. For example, can courts render opinions that are only advisory; should they sometimes simply decide not to decide; are there questions that are moot or too “political”; can just anyone sue, and what do tomatoes have to do with the federal judiciary?

Why the "natural born citizen" cases brought concerning Obama's citizenship were doomed from the start, and why none will succeed during his current term of office.

The length of Lecture 5, and how it can be downloaded, can be found after the last sentence of that lecture’s contents, HERE. Click on “Add to Cart” to purchase.


Please remember that while there is no "homework" for these lectures, to benefit fully from them Hank Holzer strongly recommends you obtain and read a copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Also, especially before you download Lecture 2, you will benefit from reading the Supreme Court opinion in Griswold v. Connecticut. You will find it useful to have the four documents available during the lectures you download.